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Stunning and intelligent visual brand identities. "Perception begins with the eye." ~ Aristotle.  "You know you're something special, and you look like you're the best." ~ Duran Duran.

Brand identity design is not about what you, the client, "likes", and it certainly should not be (though often is) what your designer is feeling or thinks is currently trending "cool". It should be based on what your customers will respond to. They want to know what makes you different, what is the unique selling proposition (USP) ~ what it is that you do that nobody else does, and why it matters. Build your brand on the essence of your business or organization, your SALIENT features. There's your brand strategy in a nutshell. Graphic icons based on such a foundation, along with pre-discussed font options ~ contemporary/traditional/bold and confident/caps for formality, lower-case for friendly & approachable etc, and colors suggesting fiscal security or bright for energy and confidence, or whatever suites your corporate personality, and you will never miss the mark. Logo means "meaning" not cool or pretty (it can also be those, but not at the expense of intelligence and clarity).


This time-saving process is not difficult to follow, and with it your logo and visual brand identity will be on-point, and you will never again have to say, "I don't know what I want, but I'll know it when I see it." 

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